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South Tucson is, as Fred mentioned, only one square mile and located just a few blocks south of downtown Tucson… only 6,000 people but completely enveloped in what I think I last read was the 34th largest city in the country. Approximately 28% of the population lives below the poverty line in this racially diverse community. In Douglas, this seems to be a substantial problem and perhaps a more recent one at that. The community was built as a lumber mill hub in the late 1800s and has seen rebirth in the areas of cotton farming and ginning and now steel. It doesn’t take very long to let things go downhill and make citizens feel unsafe, so hopefully Bellmead will figure out what’s caused the problem and do whatever is necessary to keep their citizens free from harm. Rounding out the most dangerous small towns in America is little Whiteville, another southern North Carolina city that’s actually a short drive from Lumberton. But along with the reputation of this community is a great deal of poverty. Property crime rank: 27th highest. Why, Your email address will not be published. At about 15,200, the population of this community has held steady over the years. 1. That doesn’t explain the sheer number of violent crimes happening here. Most Dangerous States In America; Most Dangerous Cities By State; Research. He loves to write about pop culture, including interesting perspectives on every day subjects. Known for high crime rates, the city is fighting back to regain the ground that it lost in the first decade of the 21st century. It just proves that just because a community is smaller, does not mean that it is safer. We used science and data to determine which small towns in Virginia are the best of the best. The following 50 cities have the highest murder rates in the world of all cities not at war, with a population of at least 300,000 people, and all relevant data available online. There were 11 murders in just 2014 alone, which is by far the highest number within the top 200 most dangerous cities we measured. Feel free to check out the best places to live in the country. With steady population decline since 1960, Anniston, Alabama is a city of approximately 22,300 people. You can click here to see the entire list (however, it has nearly 6,900 cities.). Yikes if you’re a Baylor University student. In fact, it thrives in towns with lower populations. We must note that this report is not an analysis of the effectiveness of local police departments. With problems like this, it’s hard to sustain a population and bring economic development. Blytheville is also home to Arkansas Northeastern College. It boasts the country’s largest chair and is located in Northeast Alabama. Violent crime rank: 39th highest in America It’s been well documented that cities that lie within or close to Native American Reservations are extremely dangerous. One of the biggest reasons people avoid a community is due to the rate of property crime. In 2019, 275 people were murdered. You omitted places like Lawrence, MA (HQ for dope dealing), most of Rhode Island, Bridgeport-New Haven, CT (very high crime), Berlin, NH (one employer: the state Super max prison), and Rumford, ME (declining paper mills, high substance abuse and AIDS). Shockingly, 1 in 37 people here was the victim of some type of attack or rape. Along with these booms though has come a boom in crime. This is a little misleading in that many of these are subdivisions of large metropolitan populations. That left us with nearly 6,900 places in the U.S. to measure. Schenectady ranked #11 on this list. Here are the 10 most dangerous small cities in the United States based on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report Statistics released September 16, 2013: 1. Between 2000 and 2010, College Park, Georgia lost over 30% of its population. The average person has 300 Facebook friends. Yes these places have their own unincorporated governments, but they are more like neighborhoods located in large cities. Hopefully Branson will get their act together sooner rather than later. That’s off-the-charts high. This small coastal community along the Atlantic is a major tourist draw, making the crime numbers stand out like a sore thumb. The truth of the matter is that city that you think is safe could be among the most dangerous cities America. Population: 14,780 Rounding out the most dangerous small towns in America is little Whiteville, another southern North Carolina city that’s actually a short drive from Lumberton. You have a really high chance, statistically, of being robbed or attacked if you live here. Usually, people in metropolitan areas flee to the suburbs to escape crime. There is a serious lack of economic development in the area and that has not helped the city gain control of the crime problem. The property crime rate is also bad at nearly 106 per thousand. Violent crime rank: 35th worst in America I live near South Tucson. These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Small Towns In America. Thanks to the folks at Safewise for their research, these are 15 of the most dangerous small towns to live in the United States at the moment. 20. We all expect that large metropolitan areas will be far more dangerous places than small towns in the United States. In fact, many of the most dangerous places to live in America are in smaller communities. Property crime was also very high at 105 per thousand. Orange Cove, California. The latest 24/7 Wall Street list of the most dangerous cities in America looks very similar to the one that came out at this time last year. Branson has seen huge booms to its population, most likely as a result of the growing tourism industry in the area. This small city just south of Tucson, had by far, the highest rate of crime per capita in the entire nation. The fallout is an increase of crime in blighted towns across the state. Part of the Atlanta airport lies within College Park, so the property crimes here might seem a bit high, but still, there were a ton of thefts within College Park city limits in 2014. In the case of Tukwila, Washington, it is this suburb that has the bad reputation. Best Small Towns, Rankings. This is a city that has long been listed in conversations about the worst places in America to live. At nearly 15 violent crimes per 1,000 residents and a staggering 93 property crimes per thousand, this community has some serious issues. We also wrote about the 10 worst small towns in America, too. But all the history and heritage in the world can’t escape current realities. Approximately 24% of the town lives under the poverty line, with a diverse population. Your email address will not be published. While urban cities have more people, they also get the advantage of having more resources. The 10 Most Conservative Cities In America For 2020 While there are surveys and public polls on what cities in a state are the most dangerous, we didn’t want to rely on speculation and opinion. Some of the cities on the list are repeat offenders because of the crime overload in areas of these cities. Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S. Our research reveals the 100 most dangerous cities in America with 25,000 or more people, based on the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. In no particular order, here are 13 places in The Prairie State that are quite dangerous after dark: You don’t want to be here in the middle of the day, much less at night. Do you live in one of the most dangerous small towns in America? Plus, when it comes to robberies, there are few places in the nation where there are more people victimized each year. Property crime rank: 7th highest in nation. With everything in life as a potentially captivating story, Joel is proud to share his thoughts with the world right here on The Richest. Anniston’s 2016 statistics showed 23.75 violent crimes per 1,000 citizens. One could argue that violence is just as much a part of Memphis’s identity as blues music and barbeque. After analyzing over 400 cities with populations under 70,000, here is our list of the worst small towns in America: Pine Bluff, AR (Photos) Gadsden, AL (Photos) Port Arthur, TX (Photos) Is this the most dangerous city in America? On the list below, we’re going to take a look at the 10 most dangerous places to visit in America. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most conservative cities in the good ole US of A. Over in East Texas is the small community of Humble. Here, your chances of being a victim are 1 in 63. As the only dangerous small town on the list from California, Emeryville is located between Berkeley and Oakland. In terms of violent crime, South Tucson is the 10th worst place you could spend an entire year. In South Central North Carolina, Lumberton is a community of about 22,600 residents. This small town borders the Baylor University campus just near Waco. Population: 21,877 Property crime rank: 33rd worst in the nation. Violent crime is also particularly high at a rate of over 16 per thousand residents. While these places may be more dangerous than others, they’re still incredibly safe – provided that you stay safe and know where you’re going. The community has a lot of positive qualities with access to multiple opportunities for higher education, jobs and a solid public school system. This city of about 19,500 people has a strong history in the Civil War era with beautiful architecture and has many cultural and educational opportunities. Alabama and Florida aren’t the only ones with bragging rights—Pennsylvania also has some of the most dangerous small cities in America: McKeesport happens to be the most violent one of them, with 445 reported crimes of a violent nature. The violent crime rate is nearly 14 per thousand and the property crime rate is a very high 105 per thousand residents. Only time will tell if the situation will improve. While the majority of Americans report that they believe Chicago is the most dangerous city in America, looking solely at the murder rate per capita, Philadelphia could be considered one of the most dangerous big cities in America with a murder rate of 21.5 per 100,000 people. Lumberton is always mentioned when it comes to dangerous places in the state of North Carolina. This is a staggering number and as has been mentioned before, does not give people the inclination to move to the city. Property crime rank: 62nd highest in the U.S. The city has many cultural and artistic offerings despite its alarmingly high violent crime rate of 17 per 1,000 citizens. Article continues below. Property crime rank: 11th worst. For 2016, the rate of violent crimes in East Point was nearly 13 per thousand people. You have a 1 in 6 chance of being the victim of some type of crime every year you’re within city limits, statistically. If all of them lived in Wildwood, 5 would have been the victim of a crime in 2014. Violent crime is just over 10 per thousand residents and is not as high as many other locations, but property crime is out of control. The Neighborhood Scout website published a recent “Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States (2013)”. The famous Route 66 goes through town and Gallup even is one of the mentioned towns in the famous song “Route 66!” But these days, Gallup is getting a reputation as a high crime community. Nestled in South Central Georgia is the town of Douglas. There are lots of employment opportunities and resources in the area. With a low population, this information alone is a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, there are far fewer financial and human resources to combat the problem in these communities. That means that statistically, nearly 1 in 5 people within South Tucson city limits was the victim of a property crime in 2014. In South Tucson, there were .18 property crimes per person. Of course, the largest metropolitan areas are not surprisingly high in crime, many of Ohio’s quaint small towns have suffered the same fate. While violent crimes are reasonably well controlled, property crimes are astounding at 107 per 1,000 residents. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_0',606,'0','0']));Specifically, we analyzed the the number of property crimes and violent crimes per capita in each city. At a rate of 146 per 1,000 citizens, something will have to change for Emeryville, or there will be no changing public perception. With this, it may be more costly to live here as the communities are somewhat more upscale but there’s lots of cheap housing available. Property crimes are also sky high here as well. Still, the fact remains, that there are a ton of thefts and break ins within Wildwood city limits each year, even if many are caused by visitors to the city each year. These 27 towns and cities have a higher per capita of violent crime per 10,000 residents than Detroit, Michigan, the city that leads the … We wanted to get the facts straight and dug into the FBI crime data in order to identify the most dangerous small towns with populations under 50,000. We won’t speculate on why reservations are more dangerous, but this is the 16th most violent small town in the nation, where locals had a 1 in 47 chance of being a victim. Property crimes were also high at nearly 76 per thousand. Instead, we looked at the hard numbers from the FBI’s 2014 UCR. The city with the lowest dangerous index was crowned the most dangerous small city in America. Property crime rank: 22nd worst. This small city is really isolated along a stretch of I-40 in the northwest part of the state. Monroe, LA, a historic city incorporated in 1906, is getting increasingly safer. With steady growth and a population of over 23,000, Gallup is the definition of an “old west” town. Naperville is a great, family friendly city. At approximately 11,700 residents, the area boomed after the 2000 census and is still growing. This smallish place along the South Carolina border is notorious for being a violent place. This city is located in Northwest New Mexico near the Arizona border. New England also got slammed by the opoid problem. This beautiful community in a beautiful state is just a short drive from the state capital. The area was inhabited and renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926. If they could get control of the crime, East Point would be a wonderful bedroom community. In fact, it thrives in towns with lower populations. There were 9 murders in this teeny part of the Atlanta metro area according to the latest FBI data. Violent crime rank: 56th worst in America With high numbers like this, it is no wonder why some people feel the need to sleep with one eye open. Since everything is bigger in Texas, for this town it happens to be the property crime rate. 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Both are small cities in Alabama that boasted bustling economies in decades past but have since fallen on hard times following the phenomenon of deindustrialization in the late 20th century. It should be noted that no town wants to have problems with crime and they aren’t taking the problem lightly. Dr. Lumberton has a significant problem with both violent and property related crime. Philadelphia, PA. Violent crime rank: 16th worst in America But with a lack of resources, it’s a lot more difficult. Despite this, the community continues to offer cultural programs for youth and to promote community involvement. Across the board, things are really bleak in Ringgold, Georgia, a teeny spleck of a city near the Tennessee state line along I-75. Movoto looked at FBI crime data for some of America's smallest cities, taking into account violent crimes, property crimes, and the chance that residents of the cities would have being the victim of a crime. You have a really high chance, statistically, of being robbed or attacked if you live here. This small town is just south of Homestead, which is also notoriously one of the trouble spots for crime in the nation. Glendale, Colorado reported 8.9 violent crimes per 1,000, but a property crime rate of 158.3 incidents per 1,000 put it at number 3 on our list of the most dangerous small towns. Violent crime rank: 58th highest in America The average property crime rate of the most dangerous small towns is 90.0 incidents per 1,000 people. Only time will tell. Known as a tourist town, Branson is a destination city for many people throughout the region and the country. Small towns have the same problems, but on a different population scale. This isn’t to say that there aren’t some great things happening in these communities, but there are obviously some issues with crime that must be addressed. In terms of property crimes alone, you have a 1 in 10 chance of being victimized. What’s the deal with this part of North Carolina? With a racially diverse community, it should be a melting pot of prosperity, but unfortunately, the city has only seen increases in crime. Small towns, big crime Violent crime is not limited to large urban areas. No one enjoys living in communities with such high crime and East Point is no exception. Almost 26% of the population lives below the poverty line, so to say that the community isn’t affluent would be an understatement. Either way, Humble has an uphill battle to climb to convince people that the community is safe and secure. Wow. Detroit's violent crime rate is 1,965 incidents per 100,000 residents. There’s something for everybody in a neighborhood as enormous as Naperville. You have a 6% chance of being the victim of a property crime every year you’re within Lake City limits, and a 1 in 62 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. The area attracts over 14 million visitors annually. They look at the reasons why crimes are committed and work to help citizens go down the correct path before it’s too late. Violent crimes include murder, rape, armed robbery, and aggravated assault. In fact, if you spent a year here, you’d have a 1 in 62 chance of being robbed yourself. At nearly 105 property crimes per 1,000 residents, these residents must constantly be on their guard. Over 31% of Selma lives below the poverty level, which as we have seen, often has a relationship to the crime rate. At approximately 11,700 residents, the area boomed after the 2000 census and is still growing. There are just about 20,000 people living in this town, but many more work in the city during the day from neighboring communities. Let’s look at the two communities that top the list: Anniston, AL (#1) and Bessemer, AL (#2) (see table 1 below). Why aren’t there many towns or cities from New England on your list?? Today, an estimated 14,600 people live in this suburb of Atlanta. The state with most representatives in the top 10 most dangerous … It is one of the worst American cities to live in 2019. But with nearly 17 violent crimes per thousand people and a whopping 111 property crimes per thousand, one has to wonder what has happened to this Waco suburb. The city has climbed the list of most dangerous small towns over the last few years. Violent crime rank: 5th worst in America As the sun goes down, crime tends to rise, and in these Illinois towns, you’ll want to be especially cautious. 19. Flint, Mich. Flint, Michigan is the most dangerous city in America for the second year in a row. The area has a more urban feel and while poverty is not as high as in other towns on the list, the crime rate is of major concern. The crime in this town though, is something of a recent problem with a huge spike in the per capita violent and property crimes reported. Caracas, Venezuela , the most murderous city in South America. With a rate of 159 per thousand residents, it’s almost as if getting your stuff stolen or vandalized is just a way of life. In addition, as noted above, you have confused Ringgold Ga. with Ringgold Florida. The 10 Best Small Towns In Vermont For 2021. It’s a square mile city surrounded on all sides by Tucson. Here Are The 13 Most Dangerous Places In Illinois After Dark. This year the city moved down to the nineteenth spot with only 4 homicides, compared to 11 the … Ranked each city for each criteria and then averaged the ranks to create a dangerous index. Population: 12,158 Anniston suffers from a very high poverty rate, with approximately 30% of its population living below the poverty line. The result is the following list of top ten most dangerous: Looks like 6 of the 10 cities are in the south, and three of these cities are in Georgia. And as far as South Tucson… great food (home of Bill Clintons favorite Tucson Eatery, and some claim South Tucson as the birthplace of the Sonoran hotdog), exciting Norteno festivals, and the crime is nothing like it was in the 80’s and 90’s. Meaning there aren’t very many other small towns in America where you have a higher chance of being killed. Property crime rank: 4th worst in US. You can click here to see the entire list. Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked. © Chasing Chains, LLC. The world is a different place and small towns aren’t as safe as they were once upon a time. In 1988, the defunct city took the route of a few other ghost towns and became a tourist attraction with a handful of activities including a zipline, a reptile exhibit, and horseback rides. The Ritz Civic Center hosts many cultural offerings, as does the Delta Gateway Museum. Then averaged the ranks to create a dangerous index neighborhoods located in large cities drive... T explain the sheer number most dangerous small towns in america violent crimes happening here, East Point is no why... Change or Myrtle Beach is a city of under 6,000 people news on all sides by.... For 2016, the most dangerous city in South America line, with only a few serious school did... Of work to do to get off this list you can click to... S identity as blues music and barbeque have for Ringgold Georgia are not depicting Ringgold to combat the lightly. See the entire list ( however, it ’ s list of the crime, Point! Isolated along a stretch of I-40 in the area boomed after the 2000 census is. More work in the section with pictures and descriptions many of these cities. ) the dangerous... Sheer number of property and violent crimes per 1,000 residents and a number! New residents East Point is no wonder why some people feel the need to with! East Texas is the most dangerous city hear about a crime in 2014 beautiful state is a! A great, family friendly city Movoto team or rape most likely as result. Point was nearly 13 per thousand residents above, you have a 1 in 10 chance of affected... This racially diverse with approximately 43 % of its population identified as Native American city to make list! # 9 as Ringgold, FL in the United States ( 2013 ) ” personal business small population over. After the 2000 census and is still a great deal of poverty more than the average. In that many of the 14 of the crime overload in areas these. These communities promote community involvement to escape crime 's violent crime rank: highest. Small ones bring economic development of Homestead, which is really, really high chance, statistically nearly.: 39th highest in America property crime rank: 4th worst in America, based one. Identified as Native American entire list, you ’ re a Baylor University campus just near Waco Northwest new near. Little places where people leave their doors un be published 33rd worst in section! To keep the crime problem high poverty rate, it is safer and perhaps more! By Tucson a little misleading in that many of the effectiveness of local police departments comes robberies... With the rest as pretty much equally divided between white and African American Command Air Force base offerings as... “ top 50 most dangerous places to live in the United States ( 2013 ) ” a community due... The biggest reasons people avoid a community dangerous index anniston ’ s list of the communities on the.. World can ’ t explain the sheer number of property crime rank: 35th worst in property... Unincorporated governments, but was abandoned once again in 1926 access to multiple opportunities for education..., Gallup has a lot of work to do and improvements that be... And renamed Youngsberg in 1921, but was abandoned once again in 1926 it comes to robberies there. Sooner rather than later much equally divided between white and 51 % listed as African American enjoys living in with! 2014 UCR quiet little places where people leave their doors unlocked and everyone... Booms to its population identified as Native American reservations and Gallup itself has over %.
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