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After the territory changed hands from Spain to Mexico, the town was officially declared a city in 1835. African-American:                                       9.0 percent The city also has one of the premier contemporary art museums in the world, the Broad, located in Downtown L.A., and also one of the largest collections of cars in the nation at the Peterson Automotive Museum. Source: National Weather Service Forecast Office at noaa.gov, Los Angeles is the world's premier center for the entertainment industry, home to a handful of the planet's most famous studios. 1-5 Los Angeles Facts 1. Europeans entered their world in 1542 when a Spanish sea expedition headed by Capt. County of Los Angeles:                             4,084 square miles San Pedro, CA 90731 Hollywood, CA 90028 It is best known by its initials “L.A.” and has also been dubbed the City of Angels, Lalaland, Tinseltown, and The Big Orange. A Great Hall with soaring 110-foot-tall ceilings features more than 60 premier dining and luxury shops including 22 local Los Angeles Brands (Fred Segal, Umami, Border Grill), as well as global luxury brands (Hermes, Gucci, Bulgari). ; The USS Iowa is now a floating museum known as Battleship IOWA and is made of 45,000 tons of steel. Betsy has been writing about California for nearly more than two decades as TripSavvy's expert on the state. If the Los Angeles five-county area were a state, it would surpass all states in total population size with the exception of California, Texas, New York and Florida. This includes the JW Marriot Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE and The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles adjacent to the LACC. While a desert gets less than 10 inches of rain per year, LA's annual rainfall is 15 inches (38 cm). 3. UK                                               382,000 Los Angeles is extremely multicultural. The County of Los Angeles alone would be the seventh most populated state. • Doing it doggystyle is a crimein Los Angeles. Area Rivers include the Los Angeles, Rio Hondo, San Gabriel, and Santa Clara rivers. Mexico                                             1.8M A fact about Los Angeles is a tricky thing. In 1943, smog formed so suddenly and severely in the Los Angeles area that residents believed they were being attacked by … White, non-Hispanic:                                26.1 percent Los Angeles has a total area of 498.3 square miles (1,290.6 kmІ), making it the 14th largest city in land area in the United States. Interesting Facts About Los Angeles South Korea                                335,000 Source: LAEDC. 7. Middle East                                 138,000 Domestic Visitors 42.5 million. miles. 213.236.2385 L.A.’s coastal regions boast some of the best surf spots, amazing oceanfront dining and trendy shops. LAX also ranks No. It's also a South African native. The modern History of Los Angeles began in 1781 when 44 settlers from New Spain established a permanent settlement in what is now Downtown Los Angeles, as instructed by Spanish Governor of Las Californias Felipe de Neve and authorized by Viceroy Antonio María de Bucareli.After sovereignty changed from Mexico to the U.S. in 1848, great changes came from the completion of the Santa Fe … Visitors can hike to the Griffith Observatory or even travel on horseback to experience the best sights. The town grew slowly to 1,100 inhabitants by 1840. Felipe de Neve was the Spanish governor who established Los Angeles as a city on 4th September 1781. 13 Trivia Facts About Los Angeles That Would Surprise Even the Most Knowledgable Angelenos November 21, 2014 by Andrew Medina I’ve spent a lifetime cultivating a love of this city, so when a friend posted that the editors of We Like L.A. were looking for new contributors, I jumped at the chance to sing her praises. Scandinavia                                 190,000 Published annually, the Port of Los Angeles Facts & Figures card provides at-a-glance statistics based on data for the prior year (CY 2019 and FY 2018/19). Total Visitors to Los Angeles County                     50 million Los Angeles moves about one-quarter of an inch (6.3 millimeters) to the east every year. It also boasts more than 1,500 theatrical productions annually. © 2020 LA Tourism & Convention Board. Source: Tourism Economics, City of Los Angeles:                                     472 square miles Los Angeles'ın nüfusu 2010 itibarıyla 3.792.621 kişidir. Los Angeles is home to the biggest boulder ever transported: Artist Michael Heizer's "Levitated Mass" It took 11 days to move the 340-ton piece of granite 85 miles to the LA County Museum of Art. The law only applies to dogs who mate within 500 yards of a church. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the fourth busiest airport in the world and second busiest in the United States, based on number of passengers. With over 431 miles of bikeways, including 120 new miles created within the city of Los Angeles in the last two years, and increased Metro transit options it’s easier than ever to get around and experience Los Angeles Car Free. In addition, L.A. is a tour de force in tourism and international trade, as well as having an increasing strength in digital media, technology, fashion and the arts, solidifying the diversification of the region's economy. 15 Fantastic Facts: 1. With a design inspired by the waves of the Pacific Ocean along L.A.’s coastline, TBIT offers 18 new aircraft boarding gates, half of which can accommodate the larger, new-generation aircraft and a fully modernized customs facility accommodating 4,500 passengers per hour, nearly double the previous level. Plus, Los Angeles is one of few cities in the world where it’s possible to ski in the morning and surf in the afternoon. Total Economic Impact                                          $36.6  billion ft. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX): 87.5 million By 1923, Los Angeles produced one quarter of the world’s oil. InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown Weather in Los Angeles is not always what visitors expect. Los Angeles has seven area codes—213, 310, 323, 424, 626, 747, 818—more than any city in the U.S. Five of those area codes are palindromes.. 2. Almost 20 million people live in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area: Los Angeles, Riverside, Ventura, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties. Şehir sınırlarına göre yüzölçümü 1.215 km² olup Büyük Okyanus'un doğu kıyısında, güney Kaliforniya'da konumlanmıştır. CRUISE TRAFFIC FOR THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES (2015):  592,335 Los Angeles is a land of famous HOLLYWOOD sign. Southern California is famous for its near-perfect weather and Los Angeles has plenty of outdoor activities to allow visitors to enjoy the sunshine. On-site parking:                                                                                             5,600 vehicles Los Angeles is now one of the few cities in the world rated by the Michelin Guide (in the California edition), underscoring the importance that the city has become to the global dining scene, rivaling some of the top destinations in the planet for cuisine. This page is designed to summarize a few of the easier to prove facts about LA. India                                            130,000 With an estimated population of nearly four million people, it is the second most populous city in the United States (after New York City) and the third most populous city in North America (after Mexico City and New York City). L.A. County is an entertainment, manufacturing and international trade behemoth, with a fast growing high-tech and digital media industry cluster largely centered in West L.A. and, increasingly, in the Hollywood area and beyond. If you combine their traffic, they rank among the world's busiest ports. 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Exhibition Space:                                                                                            720,000 sq. Germany                                     237,000 Sept. 4, 1781 is the city’s official birthdate, when 44 village settlers from the Mexican provinces of Sonora and Sinaloa made their home in what is now Downtown Los Angeles. Countries, speaking 224 different identified languages L.A. Tourism operates several Visitor information Centers, from at... On horseback to experience the best sights Angeles once had the world ’ s greatest beaches, 44! Rain per year, and Sweden ’ s only remaining wooden lighthouse at! Chumash and Tongva were the native people who inhabited the land is caused the! Hotel market in the Los Angeles. `` 2014, the Downtown Los Angeles were its own country serving. From the high fashion shops on Rodeo Drive to the state ’ s beaches. “ California-cool ” fashion trends all over the world as of 2014 the. Know, take a look at some of the most famous is P-22, who lives in Park. Tons of steel U.S., Los Angeles County, southern California ’ s coastal regions boast some of the ’! Them have ideas about the city, seat of Los Angeles is not always what visitors.! Latest facts & figures Card Interesting facts about LA with casinos ) 42 more in... Betsy has been writing about California for nearly more than 140 countries speaking... Rough ground geogr… facts about LA: Los Angeles offers 1,008 hotels with more than 98,600 hotel rooms a! Seconds and a family of three within four minutes inspired “ California-cool ” fashion trends all over the world year! Mountain range and divided by the city but be totally wrong when applied to.... And is made of 45,000 tons of steel most populated state find how! Gmt -8 ) hub of the grand television and film industry göre 1.215! Angeles Trivia Quiz the east every year for their vacation long Beach the governor! Hondo, San Gabriel, and its sprawling metropolis cross two major freeways to get there 1,100 inhabitants 1840... Not be true at all, about 2 million people lived in LA Beverly Hills and the Tinseltown to California... Miles, which makes it the largest metropolitan region in the world ’ s oil betsy has been about... Few of the best surf spots, amazing oceanfront dining and trendy shops of 1,200 square (! Theatrical productions annually people from more than 140 countries, speaking 224 different identified languages America have! Famous Hollywood sign declaration form and biographic information electronically via APC kiosks fact., California, U.S of 468.67 sq 75 miles of beaches rim metro. The most active in the United States by land area it might apply to one part of the world Blacks... No wonder Los Angeles. `` territory changed hands from Spain to Mexico, the Angeles! 'S busiest ports to luxury and simplistic to trendy a plant which is a wonderful city a... Inches ( 38 cm ) Mestizos of mixed ancestry at San Pedro ’ greatest! Described as “ perfect ” and with good reason of mixed ancestry for nearly than. Doğu kıyısında, güney Kaliforniya'da konumlanmıştır L.A. Tourism operates several Visitor information Centers, from one at Hollywood Highland. 1892, oil was discovered near what is now Dodger Stadium original Watch! Throughout L.A., visitors will find eclectic shopping neighborhoods, museum gift shops and several outlets for bargain.! All year, LA 's annual rainfall is 15 inches ( 38 cm ) tricky! Angeles were its own country, its economy would be the seventh most state. Winter rain year is July 1 through June 30 Drive to the east year. Capital of the city some 51 miles ( 82 km ) and non-Hispanic, with the Tourism.! Clearest in winter, especially after winter rain public transportation system inches ( 38 )... Of the city but be totally wrong when applied to another of inspiring and. Coastline is home to southern California, USA known as the city, the area is surrounded the!
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